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I'm a writer.

I write informative, relatable, funny web content -- everything from lifestyle articles to personality quizzes. Available for freelance work.

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Amrit article

DJ Amrit Will Leave You Spinning

An interview with Amrit, a DJ, musician and tastemaker in New York City.

Open uri20170804 20839 1egpajc article

Face Your Career Fears. Future You Will Thank You For It.

If you want to learn new skills and push yourself toward bigger goals, you have to break out of your comfort zone and do things that scares you.

Open uri20170804 20835 1rq3ao9 article

7 Ways to REALLY Love Your Body

Instead of trying to look like pore-less mannequins, aren’t we better off trying to love what we really look like, pores and all?

Open uri20170804 20839 ov3koj article

Why You Gotta Be So Mean (to Yourself)?

My friends are all kind, considerate people, but there’s one mean voice I hear on a regular basis: My own. Here are 7 things I do to quiet my inner critic.

Imposter article

You Belong Here! 5 Ways to Conquer Impostor Syndrome So It Can't ...

Ever have a nagging worry that you’re a total fraud, and that everyone’s going to find out? You're not alone.

The nighttime lights at hogwarts castle wwohp at ush 5 article
LosAngeles Magazine

The New Nighttime Light Show at the Wizarding World of Harry ...

It opens to the public Friday.

Screenx article
LosAngeles Magazine

This is The Only Theater in L.A. Where the Movie Expands Beyond the Screen

The new ScreenX technology has arrived at CGV Cinemas in Koreatown.

First fridays nhm article
LosAngeles Magazine

Combine Your Equally Important Passions for Drinking and Learning at These Events

Laid-back talks with scientists, after-hours museum parties, and hanging at the shark lagoon are just some of the ways you can sip from the beer stein of knowledge.

Premium on pet care article
She Knows

7 Times When Quality Pet Care Is Worth Every Penny

We owe a large portion of our overall happiness to our pets, so it only makes sense that we want to give them the best care possible. (Branded content, sponsored by Natural Balance pet food)

Givingback article

8 Ideas for Helping Your Kids Experience the Joy of Giving Back

A list of ways to show kids the importance of giving back, especially during the holiday season. (Branded content for, sponsored by Minute Maid.)

Open uri20170807 25293 156scwa article
LosAngeles Magazine

This is the Best Time of Year to Go Tidepooling in L.A. ...

Here are 7 tide pools worth a visit, from Malibu to Laguna Beach.

B corps article
Whole Life Times

B is for Better Business

How B Corps are making a profit and a positive impact. This piece features the companies Figs, Isidore Electronics, and Peddler's Creamery.

Scary guy article

Channeling Your Natural Creepiness for Cash

What's it like working as a chainsaw-wielding psycho at theme park horror attractions? I interviewed a scare-actor for Mel Magazine.

Office article

Have You (Yes, You!) Considered Running for Office?

We have to start electing more women so that our voices are heard, locally and nationally.

Burger article

The Man Famous for Trying to Make Junk Food Sexy – MEL Magazine

A conversation with Chris Applebaum, the director of those Carl's Jr. commercials with Paris Hilton and Kate Upton.